National Elite Miss
May 6 , 2023

Vicksburg Convention Center
Vicksburg, Mississippi

Final Agreement

This form will be sent to you to sign upon completing registration. Please be aware and keep for your records.

I have received the National Elite Miss Mississippi/Alabama welcome packet and agree to abide by all rules and guidelines. Additionally, I agree to all of the terms and conditions listed below. If not followed or upheld after the pageant the
director has the right to forfeit my title and the first runner up will assume my position, and that the decision of the pageant director is final.

I also understand that if I win a state or secondary title, I will be required to compete in National Elite Miss 2023 (July 21-24 in Houston, TX) If I do not compete in the pageant I will be required to relinquish my title and return my crown, sash, cash prize and any prizes won in the condition it was received within 10 business days. I understand that if these items are not in the condition in which they were received, I will be responsible for the cost of the items and all costs are
to be paid to NEM within 10 days.

I also understand and agree not to hold liable the pageant, pageant directors, sponsors or venue in case of sickness, injury accidents or stolen or damaged property during participation in the pageant, rehearsals, events or appearances.

Furthermore, I also grant National Elite Miss the right to use any photographs or videos made during or connected with the pageant and to use my name with any of the promotional efforts on behalf of the pageant, from my social media account, or during my reign.

I understand that NO REFUNDS will be issued under any circumstances.

This constitutes the entire agreement of parties involved and is legally binding

Entry Form

Entry Fee: $250.00 (No Refunds)

Rules & Requirements

Each National Elite Miss State Queen:

Each National Elite Miss State Queen must be a person of good moral character and act as a role model.

Appropriate dress at all times and must maintain the same appearance as the day you were crowned when in sash and crown or at appearances.

Each State Queen is required to choose a platform and promote it throughout her year.

Must participate in at least one community service activity or appearance a month and post it on social media.

Each State Queen will be required to maintain a Facebook title page and Instagram title page and post twice weekly. (Making sure to always tag @National_Elite_Miss & @_Crystal_Horn

Promote National Elite Miss and help recruit new delegates.

Make every effort to attend events.

Each State Queen must maintain clean personal and title social media pages including Tik Tok pages. (Refrain from posting or commenting on under age
drinking, drugs, inappropriate dress, profanity, cyber bullying, negative comments
or posts, racist comments, no hate speech).

Refrain from under age smoking, drinking and drug use.

Mini – Ms. State Queens must not be or become pregnant during their reign.
Mini- Miss must not be or get married during their reign.

State Queens will not change out sash and crown with any other sash and crown for another system at an event. This is out of respect for NEM and any other system you are representing.

Pageant Rules

Contestants must be entered by a parent or legal guardian unless 18 years of age or older.

NO glitz style clothing, flippers, costumes, modeling, dancing, or props are allowed.

Contestants will not be allowed in the theatre during the pageant or any phase of competition in order to keep things orderly and to show courtesy to each girl who is competing.

No communication with the judges is allowed before or during the pageant.

All judge’s decisions are final and may not be contested. Scores and comments will be sent via email within 30 days of the pageant.

All queens are to remain after the pageant for photos, contract signing and a short meeting.

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